Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What's it for?

Welcome to our new blog.
What shall we use it for?
I would like to invite you to use this blog to experiment as i will.
Experiment with voices, possibilities, collaborations, ideas.
What i'm hoping we can do is begin to talk before we meet and continue to chat afterwards about what brought us to the conference.
My next post will be about my presentation on Friday on blogging in theatre education.


  1. Hi Vanessa,
    really looking forward to the conference!
    For info on the VLE or PLE ( Personal Learning environment)
    Check @searchincajun on twitter - interesting stuff from Peps McCrea from his time at a conference in Southampton - he has a blog called learnerosity...
    For what follows - I should preface with the fact that I am a lecturer in theatre arts - specifically acting/directing/voice...
    In terms of collaboration, I'm really into how our ideas and sense of selves, creatively (and in other terms) get mediated in the virtual environment - by ourselves and others.
    In some ways it's massively exciting surrender of control if we collaborate in the online environment, and we commit to those collaborative possibilities.There is, however, also the opportunity for a massive blag either from us or from others - how do we know we are who we say we are?
    To what extent does that matter if the creative product is exciting/brilliant/chaotic enough to involve contributors?

  2. Intrigued. Is this a type of performance in itself?

    Looking forward to finding out more about your ideas

    See you friday

  3. Looking forward to contributing to this blog during and after the conference as a means to reflect on the issues/topics it raises.

  4. I have never blogged before so I am really interested in how, what and why, both for me and the trainee teachers I work with.

  5. This is the first time I have been involved in a pre-task, set in the e-environment; and I'm pretty excited about the contributions so far!
    I have never met Peps except in an e- sense, and have not met the rest of you!
    Apart from Vanessa. .
    Does that make me privileged or disqualified from the intrigue and the newness?!