Friday, 15 July 2011

Same time, same place .... Same blog

Transitions to top up.
While I wait... What do you all expect from this blog?
Notes of the session you didn't go to? My thoughts?
Should I be trying to be funny? Clever, controversial, flattering.. Is the rte a blogger voice? Should I even be writing this? Arrgh what is this blog for?

I work on the theatre arts top up degree at north brook and agree that it can be difficult transition.
(I've got no education type references or quotes in my press. Oops.)
Video of student focus group.
Fdeg students and third year mentors.
- doesn't feel like university.
- third year you have to study reference, not mess about.
- see third year in action helps
- peer support from current third years helps

Third years produce newsletter and student ambassadors have Facebook page

Third year beginning takes you back to first year.
Peer assisted study sessions with recent graduates. (PASS)
10 sessions well attended in case study.
Pass leaders receive training;
Have to do lesson plans (verbal volleyball and question task activities)

(nearing my own presentation getting nervous but must keep focused on this)

(( actually seems like I'm blogging thoughts live too but how honestly? Not very))

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  1. I'm feeling very disorientated ... Not sure what's going on ...