Friday, 15 July 2011


I was part of very interesting conversations at lunch and break.
About who you blog as
Are we missing something by not writing with pen and paper?
Why do people swear on tube?
Do academics like humor in presentations.

What I'm thinking is what was the difference between those fun conversations and the ones I hope we can continue online? Apart from the obvious quality of liveness and reading faces etc etc.
Interrupting for one. It's really important in live conversations.
Hand gestures.
Sharing food.
Blogging sounds too much like blagging.

An anecdote.
During my devising the memory project, a very quiet student (not actor), posted an article on the blog that changed the whole direction of the show.
What I will never know is this.
Did the blog empower him?
Would it have been better for him to brave it and present his idea live to a big loud studio full of actors?
If there was no blog,would he have shared?

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