Sunday, 17 November 2013

Transmedia & Performance Conference

Finally, the conference i wanted, comes to Northbrook College tomorrow. I have so many questions....

Transmedia Conference
 Northbrook Theatre – Monday 18th November

Vanessa Cornford


Blast Theory


Belen Santa-Olalla Transmedia Storyteller Ltd




Marcus Lilley


Mark Ashmore Future Artists

Twitter @futureartists 


Alison John Yellobrick



Robert Pratten



Panel discussion – questions from audience





Showing of Lost Generation film for students –
directed by Mark Ashmore,
Northbrook College alumnus first feature film.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Actor in Transmedia Conference

Conference with exciting guests coming up at Northbrook Theatre on November 18th!

Looking forward to it and in the meantime some thoughts on teaching acting from Devoted and Disgruntled today.

Does society need actors? if not, why not?

Classic model of classes and practitioners outdated?

Acting is a mythical thing that cannot be taught. What can be taught is  finding your right to speak, and yourself as an artist.

Ask students two questions; what do you want to be?
                                             what do you want to be doing?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Red herring?

My initial problem
Is characterisation by actors in current work changing alongside notions of identity?
Wooster, ERS and others playing with characters and so acting; notions of inhabiting, believing, feeling, embodying not as relevant as adopting, mimicking, detaching,...

So what kind of actor training can engage with these new acting identities.

Where does media come into this?

Some transmedia work tells stories differently but presents conventional ideas of character. Linear, logical, psychologically motivated, with firm identity. So is it a red herring in my search for modern character and how it concerns actor training?
Is that fair? Or does the multi platform tell us something different about character in itself?

This is where I keep getting stuck.

So I go to this: can technology help you act better?

Presenting at Manchester in the morning. 

Watched an episode of the wire and rate the acting very highly. How did they learn to do that? And can you teach it?

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Digital Learning

In a US paper about digital literacies, the following skills are listed as important to students.

Looking at these, i'm struck by how relevant they are to the student actor. Within a digital environment of devising, are these not the skills that actors need either within their role as performer, maker or indeed character actor?

Talk with Hannah Rowlands character constructs/ acting