Friday, 15 July 2011

Assessment as learning

As people are walking in, how cool would it have been to have planned and choreographed proper dance flash mob for end of today?

The blog is public. But if it was projected live now on those two big screens, what would I write?

We have homework!
Thirty second theatre
-you are late
-I know

(academics like fun things. And standing. And a bit of acting)

-discuss assessment only in whole group sessions to make it fair.
-HE moving toward recognizing and accrediting achievement

What else, what else, what else...

(Yes yes feeling guilty)

So why don't we let students design their own assessments? All the time?

-assessment as learning

- students compare good with bad reports. Decide on differences. Write them down. These then become your own criteria.

(but what if they had chosen the bad one as the better one?)

Feedback on paper is prob the most time wasting and dangerous way to give feedback.

Assessment of learning

Allow students to decide what they want feedback on?

Good questions but shouldn't it be them deciding the questions?

-jot down three questions you would like answered about your work.

- fun voting on whether learning outcomes achieved.

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