Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Vanessa's presentation

My talk on Friday will focus on a blog my theatre students and I created when we began devising a show about memory. See link section for link to memory blog.
This is what i hoped the blog would do. Find out on Friday how successful it was.

What I wanted our blog to do.
Encourage them to become obsessed with the project.
Find, develop and engage new audiences before, during and after the show.
Practice students’ writing and experiment with narrative voices.
Establish another space where actors, designers, prop makers, costume makers, productions designers could collaborate using medium of their choice.
Find a way for me, the director, to talk to the team after my two young children went to bed.
Share research and crazy late night ideas to try out in the morning.
Empower the team to make decisions.
Encourage quieter students to speak.
Cut down discussion time; more time to play.

If you want the presentation to cover anything specific, blog it.



  1. Thanks Vanessa,

    I'm curious about so much, but in the interests of brevity:

    -to what extent did you feel you needed to ( or did) prepare participants for contributing to or drawing from the blog in terms of skills bases?

    - How did you negotiate the demands of the other life ( kids etc ) with the e life?

    - How did you ( and why) encourage them to become obsessed? WHat did that mean to you and did that definition change?

  2. Looking forward to your session my approach has never been as focused so I may try a more systematic approach next academic year.

  3. Great interactive presentation so far. Eager to learn more about blogging.......

  4. Are all blogs automatically live to the public? How do you balance student versus public focus?

  5. I use bloggs set up that is part of formative process of some modules I run