Saturday, 6 April 2013

skype conversation with Christine Weitbrecht

Just been talking to Christine who works and blogs on transmedia in LA.

Some very interesting points that refocus my thinking now to take in some very mainstream work and the role of the actor.

some of the points she mentioned:

  • actors have to now share their backstory through different media.
  • inhabit the rabbit holes and make decisions both conclusive as an experience but also open to audience to inhabit in the storyworld
  • they have to understand each platform and how the story can engage with it but also how the audience engages with it.
  • know the everyday, mundane life of the character as they tweet, facebook etc. How does the character they are playing use each medium? how do they write? what do they post? what language do they use?
  • they have to portray / represent/inhabit? two experiences in one: the story and moment have to be both satisfying and provide closure but also open to sequels, other platforms, audience requests.
  • tell the story of the character in all platforms, but also in each one. Audiences don't necessarily follow all.
  • in mainstream work, now 'there are no small characters' even truer; a minor character might develop through a rabbit hole into something much bigger. Example from Lord of the Rings
  • where are your audience when you are reaching them? in same space, in the living room, on the road....
  • your performances are reviewed live! As you perform, others tweet about your performance.
  • Do some audience follow your character on twitter as well as yourself?
  • for this kind of work, actors don't necessarily have to prepare differently, they just have to learn to engage much more in more ways.
  • when you agree to play a part, how many platforms, time, commitment are you agreeing to? 

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