Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Actor training apps so far.

Northbrook students and staff coming in with suggestions of apps they would like for their training:

  • quite a few requests for voice apps; programmes for breathing, vocal warm-ups. With some kind of interaction with the user to measure improvement. And incentives; eg extra exercises unlocked after few days use.
  • a wii/ playstation etc game that helps you practice different movement training. 
  • an app that can record your deliver of lines; then it decodes it and suggests what your objective was. 
  • a green screen app; records the actor as against green screen and poses different scenarios and challenges for you to act with. Then you can watch back the video.

    some apps i would like..

  • a voice app that registers variation, pitch, volume and makes a graph
  • an app to read audience engagement? measure their pulse maybe or visual focus at any given points?
  • an app to detect correct volume for specific venues and their vocal demands. it might beep if you fall below certain level.

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