Monday, 6 February 2012

Research Conference

Student voices
Visual Stress
Mobile phones
Prezi and hospitality

and so full of ideas again. My love hate love hate conversation with technology goes on. and my journey into sound and podcasts begins.   Made the first one today and plagued by doubts on the project; is it legal, how complex is the  technology i thought so simple,  will anyone ever listen,  is that my voice, see the text with hear the text..... 

Together with the doubt and compustrations i'm also excited. My students suggested that the best way to make podcasts would be to translate academic lingo into gangsta. 

Basically, like da dream abou' makin da academic podcast shizz is dat like one day yeah, on a train dat is tot's full of da students, they will be chattin abou' dis really cool podcast on post modernist theatre.. and they iz like 'blugghhh'd.... 'iz it dat u wants me to bluetooth u a copy of dis bangin podcast'!!??

And i will recognise it, somehow, as one i made earlier. 

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  1. Tru Dat, Mah frend!
    Interesting though, that the request for translation of academic language is made again, but that entry to the 'academic' or 'research' community is in part gained by learning this new language of isms and acronyms, and so on.....
    Are we to make people feel 'safe' by giving them ways to make this transition do you think?