Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Podcasts and listening

Modality principle yes. And engaging learners yes. And empowering learners yes. I want to make podcasts so that dyslexic readers have another option. So that academia and theory and a little philosophy seeps into iPods on train journeys. So that actors can ham up academic texts for easy listening. So I read about related theory. And about good podcasts. And how listening only is poor learning as you can't control pace. And I get excited but also grumpy. Does learning always have to be entertaining? If the ideas don't grab you however they come, will their funky presentation?
I played radio plays once for some theatre students. They didn't like it. So. Do I add visuals or is there some value in persisting with the advantages of just wanting / having to listen to something? The image, if it is to help explain , will also simplify.
Also, radio plays are so great. Can't I just make them like them?


  1. You can try, but you might put a lot of effort into it for little effect.

    Whereas making a load of <5min YouTube videos us much MUCH more likely to mean that the students actaully watch them.

  2. And getting them to start making them ( or podcasts?) in response will get some attention- people love to see /hear themselves and people they know....